Welcome to my Portfolio!


My name is Dion and I'm a Junior Undergraduate  attending Stanford University where I'm currently pursuing an Engineering BS Degree in Product Design.

I find myself to be extremely passionate about Art, Engineering, and Design. I am always looking to explore ways in which my interests intersect across disciplines.


"I don’t like too much structure. I like to be free. I’m not alive unless I am creating something. I’m not happy if I’m not creating, if I’m not dreaming, if I’m not creating a dream and making it into something real. I’m not happy if I’m not improving, evolving, moving forward, inspiring, teaching, and learning."

- Beyoncé



Some of the Artists/Designers that I find especially inspiring:



Carlos Cruz-Diez

Es Devlin

Jony Ive

Pe Lang

Roberto Matta

Olivier Rousteing

Wayne Thiebaud



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