What is a skillprint? A tool born out of a Stanford project, each skillprint is a unique visual representation of an individual’s skills and competencies as a product designer at the time of creation. In my skillprint I have three collections. Each collection represents a domain of my abilities. Within those domains are individual skills represented by artifacts and the heights of the pedestals correlate to my relative proficiency within each discipline. (Dec 2018)

the Leadership & Communication Collection

Public Speaking (microphone):

Documentation & Storytelling (camera):

Team/Project Management (clock):

the Design Collection

Freehand Sketching (pencil):

Human-centered Design Thinking (lightbulb):

Need-finding & User Research (magnifying glass):

Digital Design Tools (house):

the Fabrication Collection

Sewing (needle):

Mold-making (mold plates): silicone, plaster

Metalworking (welding mask): MIG welding, TIG welding

Woodworking (chair):

Rapid Prototyping (glue bottle): foamcore, foam, 3d printing

LaserCAM (cut tile):