What is a skillprint? A tool born out of a Stanford project, a skillprint is a visual representation of my skills and competencies as a product designer at the time of creation (Dec 2018). In my skillprint I have three collections. Each collection represents a domain of my abilities. Within those domains are individual skills represented by artifacts and the heights of the pedestals correlate to my relative proficiency within each discipline.

the Leadership & Communication Collection

Public Speaking (microphone):

Documentation & Storytelling (camera):

Team/Project Management (clock):

the Design Collection

Freehand Sketching (pencil):

Human-centered Design Thinking (lightbulb):

Need-finding & User Research (magnifying glass):

Digital Design Tools (house):

the Fabrication Collection

Sewing (needle):

Mold-making (mold plates): silicone, plaster

Metalworking (welding mask): MIG welding, TIG welding

Woodworking (chair):

Rapid Prototyping (glue bottle): foamcore, foam, 3d printing

LaserCAM (cut tile):