"Whispers" -  2018

Materials: salvaged fluorescent lamps, ballasts, arduino microcontroller

This piece engages with the spectator through a series of light flashes and clicks intended to draw their attention; releasing them from their thoughts. The work attempts to communicate a pleasant and yet overwhelming sterility not commonly experienced in day to day life.


"Thirst" -  2018

Materials: steel tube and rebar, linen, nylon straps

Participants: Naya Yassin, Kaixi Euan Yang


"However It Manifests" -  2018

Materials: two way mirrored film, tempera paint, cotton t-shirts

This piece takes on the subject of internalized prejudice and the act of “wearing” accumulated experience as a part of daily life. It involves a custom built enclosure encased in two way mirrored film. When the lights are on inside, the performer cannot see out and only sees themselves. When the lights are on outside, the audience sees their reflection overlaid with the performer.


"Trammel of Archimedes" -  2018

Materials: birch plywood, duron, metal dowel pins

Given the task of creating my own variant of this classic “do-nothing machine” with design elements inspired by Archimedes, I chose to allow his passion for astronomy to be my guidance. In addition to the trammel exists a secondary mechanism being a modified rack & pinion that operates a “rule”, the underlying spinner, that as logic would follow, also does nothing.


"Stellar Nebula" -  2019

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Materials: aluminum, walnut

Processes: turning, milling, woodturning, router table, lasercam

Finishing: sanding, linseed oil, anodization